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Environmental policy

Protecting the environment is our top priority
Needless to say, we are aware of our responsibility so when it comes to the environment, we treat it as an extremely sensitive subject.
That´s why we´ve organised our own environmental protection programme which we take great care in running reliably and responsibly.

Reducing resource consumption
We are constantly working with our employees to reduce our resource consumption.

We inform our employees and the public
When it comes to issues that concern the environment, we maintain an open dialogue with employees, authorities, associations and interested members of the public.

Complying with standards and laws
We are committed to complying with all applicable laws, standards and policies and also communicate these to our customers and suppliers.

Eco-friendly technologies
We use eco-friendly technologies, which allows us to minimise harmful effects on the environment or prevent them altogether.

Promoting environmental protection in business
Businesses can only protect the environment effectively if every employee plays a part. That´s why we aim to promote the environmental awareness of our employees by providing them with information, training and instruction on the subject.

Advising customers
Our customers are advised about the possibilities of eco-friendly recycling.

Keeping pollution low
Pollution resulting from new activities and procedures should be kept as low as possible. For this reason, tests are also carried out in advance.

Maintaining a sustainable business approach
Wherever possible and economically feasible, our environmental protection policy is based on the objectives of a sustainable business approach.

Comprehensive incident management procedure
We aim to use our comprehensive incident management procedure to minimise the risk of accidents and harmful effects on people and the environment.

Monitoring systems
Our monitoring systems ensure that we fulfil our environmental objectives, which are constantly checked according to the latest findings and restructured where necessary.